What is New to Toyota Safety Sense 2.5?

A brand new version of the Toyota Safety Sense, known as TSS 2.5+, will be coming to the 2021 model of Highlander and Camry. A number of the functions that came on the 2.0 version have been enhanced in TSS 2.5+, such as the camera and millimetre wave radar which are now optimized in TSS 2.5+ to improve response range and enhanced low light pedestrian and daytime bicycle recognition.

toyota safety sense 2-left right oncoming pedestrian detection

The Pre-Collision System now offers intersection support. When doing a left turn at an intersection, the system is now capable of detecting an oncoming vehicle, giving you an audiovisual alert and activating automatic braking when required. The system can also detect pedestrians crossing the road when turning left or right at an intersection, providing automatic braking when it may be necessary.

toyota safety sense 2-emergency steering assistant with enhanced pedestrian avoidance

Emergency Steering Assist is also updated in the TSS 2.5+ package, providing additional steering input to correct the vehicle’s trajectory and keep it within its Lane, which give drivers even more stability when emergency steering is active while avoiding a pedestrian, bicyclists, or another vehicle.

toyota safety sense 2 curve speed management with head up display

The Dynamic Radar Cruise Control now comes with curve speed management. When driving with the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control activated, the system will determine if the vehicle speed needs to be reduced. When driving on a curve on the road, the vehicle will decelerate automatically to accommodate the curve.

toyota safety sense 2-curve speed management

When curve speed management is active, an icon will be displayed in the multi-information display and head-up display. The vehicle will automatically return to the preset speed after passing the curve.

toyota safety sense 2-enhanced detection

Toyota Safety Sense continues to evolve and more vehicles will likely to get the new TSS 2.5 system. Some of the future Toyota models may come with a standard TSS 2.5 version (without the plus) with a few differences:

TSS 2.5+TSS 2.5TSS 2.0
Pre-Collision System
Daylight/Lowlight Vehicle & Pedestrian Detection✔️✔️✔️
Daytime Cyclist Detection✔️✔️✔️
Emergency Steering AssistPedestrian
Front-to-Front Risk Detection from Oncoming Vehicles✔️
Left Turn Oncoming Traffic Detection✔️✔️
Left/Right Turn Oncoming Pedestrian Detection✔️✔️
Dynamic Radar Cruise Control
Turn Signal-Linked Control✔️
Curve Speed Management✔️
Lane Keeping
Lane Departure Alert w/ Steering Control✔️✔️✔️
Lane Tracing Assist✔️
Sway Warning System✔️✔️✔️
Automatic High Beam✔️✔️✔️

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