Toyota Drive Modes: What does it do?

Nearly every Toyota model, including a number of Corolla models, now has some form of modifications in its driving dynamics owing to the Drive Mode function, which may change the car’s personality with a single button press. Do you know what they do and how they work? Let’s find out!

What are the Toyota Drive modes?

The Toyota Drive Modes function is available on certain vehicles and includes three distinct drive modes: Normal, Eco, and Sport. Each mode adjusts the car’s behaviour in order to enhance either performance or fuel efficiency.

The drive modes may be changed either by pressing a specific button on the switchgear or via the Multi-Information Display’s optional settings.

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Multi Drive Modes Select

Sports mode adjusts the shift points in the transmission so that the engine reaches a higher RPM before shifting, allowing for greater power delivery to the wheels.

The Sport mode improves the driving experience in a number of ways. It can make the vehicle’s steering feel stronger and heavier, giving it a more confident response while spirited driving around curves.

Another advantage of the Sport mode is that it may alter driving behaviour on different vehicles. Some cars may have the Sport mode modify the suspension damping or even change engine sound for added excitement.

Normal mode

The Normal setting is the vehicle’s standard condition, in which all systems are tuned to provide just the right response for rational, everyday driving.

Sport mode

This mode tightens up various elements of your Toyota’s performance in order to provide more power. This includes throttle response, steering feel, and gear shifting characteristics. This setting is intended to tighten up various components on the car in order to offer a more engaging driving experience.

This entails changing the powertrain’s function and regulating the throttle response to require less pedal movement to produce more power. This little trick has a big impact on making a vehicle seem more powerful, even though it doesn’t alter its overall maximum output.

Multi Drive Modes Select

Eco mode

In Eco mode, the ECU features lower power output and reduced fuel consumption by adjusting throttle mapping and gear shift points in the other direction. When the pedal is only moderately depressed, the power output and fuel consumption are reduced.

The maximum amount of power output is not restricted when Eco mode is switched on. When driving modestly, it eliminates superfluous throttle input instead of restricting power. It can even improve energy efficiency by changing the air conditioning system’s functioning, allowing you to get the most out of every drop of fuel.

The Eco mode, like the Sport mode, may provide different performances depending on the vehicle.

EV mode

The EV mode is only accessible on hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles such as the RAV4 Hybrid and Sienna Hybrid, which means the car can run solely on battery power. When driving at low speed, a basic hybrid model has a restricted EV mode experience.

That’s a quick overview of Toyota’s various drive mode systems, and how they may help you be wiser behind the wheel, whether you’re in heavy traffic or driving down a winding back road. Which Toyota drive mode do you prefer to use? Tell us below!

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