2023 Toyota Prius Prime Trim Level

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The 2023 Toyota Prius Prime has been overhauled from the ground up, with a new, more aesthetically pleasing appearance and enhanced driving dynamics.

The vehicle’s high-resolution display is equipped with the newest generation of Toyota’s multimedia system and wirelessly connects to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

In addition to convenient upgrades like Advanced Park & Digital Key that let you use your phone as the car’s key, the new design also has a fixed glass sunroof on the upper trims. This brand-new version of the Prius Prime should enter mass production before the end of the year.

Key Features and Summary

The new fifth-generation Prius Prime has undergone numerous updates. Many aspects of the new design have been improved upon, most notably the addition of a more refined aesthetic. These are the highlights of each 2023 Prius Prime trim level:

2023 prius prime key features summary

The XSE trim level is where you’ll find most of Prime Prime’s new features, including the Digital Key, Power Rear Door, and Panoramic View Monitor. As disappointing as it may be, Toyota has decided not to provide power-adjustable seats in the SE trim. 

2023 prius prime standard features

Every 2023 Prius Prime trim level come with standard amenities like heated front seats and a smart key with push engine start. Each trim level now has a power-adjustable steering wheel and wireless connectivity for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well as the new Safe Exit Alert feature in 2023.

How much is the 2023 RAV4 Hybrid?

Toyota has not yet released official pricing information for the 2023 Prius Prime. As soon as more information becomes available, we will post it here.


Not Yet Announced
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Not Yet Announced
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XSE Premium

Not Yet Announced
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What colour options are available?

Guardian Grey (credit: Automotive News Canada)
Mustard (Credit: Toyota)
Cutting Edge Silver (Credit: Toyota)

No matter what trim level—SE, XSE, or XSE Premium—you go for, the all-new Prius prime will turn heads with its stunning redesign. The new model is offered in three different colours: Wind Chill Pearl, Black Supersonic Red, and a sophisticated silver or grey that is unique to the Prius Prime.

2023 prius prime colour options

What are all of the 2023 Prius Prime features?

Exterior Features

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The new Prius Prime shares the same design concept as the current Prius hybrid model.  The second-generation TNGA-C platform on which the 2023 Prius Prime is based provides the vehicle with a lower centre of gravity, less weight, and higher stiffness than its predecessor. It feels sporty but comfortable because of its wider stance and lower driving position.

With the Prius Prime, unquestionably additional details will eventually become available. will update this post as we have more information to provide.

2023 prius prime exterior features



Credit: Toyota
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This year’s model has a larger 2.0-litre engine in place of last year’s 1.8-litre four-cylinder. Performance-wise, the new Prius Prime is meant to improve upon its predecessor in several key respects, most notably in fuel economy and driving dynamics.

The combination of the new, larger engine and the new lithium-ion battery results in 99 more horsepower than the previous model. More improvements have been made to the vehicle’s acceleration feel and speed controllability, making for a driving experience and accelerator response that is unique to electric vehicles.

Seat Comfort

Seat Style
Leather seats up close (credit: cars.com)
Back seats (credit: Detroit Free Press)

Finally, more Toyota vehicles, including the Prius Prime, will have passenger seats with power adjustments. The highest trim level also comes with a driver seat memory system, ventilated front seats, and heated back seats.

Seating in the 2023 Prius Prime is lower. Those inside may feel more confined due to its height. Inside, you’ll find just a little extra space than in the previous year’s model. Traction batteries are placed optimally, under the rear seat, contributing to a low centre of gravity and increased cargo space.

2023 prius prime seats & comfort

Comfort Features

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The new Prius Prime’s cabin is just as stylish as the rest of the car’s exterior. The redesigned Prime has a shifter that is now located in the console rather than the dashboard. The instrument panel of the 2023 Prius Prime is also changed to forward-mounted, rather than being placed in the centre of the dashboard as was the case with its predecessor.

Inside, the Prius Prime has a stylish dashboard that recalls that of the bZ4X electric SUV.The new model’s XSE Premium trim level now comes standard with a power rear door and digital key access via the Toyota app.

2023 prius prime comfort features

Infotainment Features

2023 Prius Prime SE and XSE come standard with an 8.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system; the big-screen system and a premium JBL audio system are both included in the price of the XSE Premium, the Prius Prime’s highest trim level. All models of the Prius Prime come standard with 6 USB-C outlets and wireless support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

2023 prius prime infotainment featuers

Safety Features

The Toyota 4Runner has the comprehensive safety suite Toyota Safety Sense-P, which includes the Pre-Collision System with Auto Braking, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, and Lane Departure Warning, among other features.

2023 prius prime safety features

Toyota Safety Sense Features

Toyota Safety Sense 3.0 is standard on the 2023 Toyota Prius Prime. Make use of our useful comparison table to find out more about the features of this safety system.

Compare Features of TSS 2.5, 2.5+, 3.0 Compare features of tss 2.5, tss 2.5+, tss 3.0
Compare Features of TSS-C and TSS-P Compare features of tss-c, tss-p

Trial & Subscription Features

All 2023 Prius Prime trim levels offers several premium services, some of which are free for a limited period and others of which need a subscription fee.

Remote Connect

Via the Toyota app on compatible smartphones and smartwatches, you can use Toyota Remote Connect and take command of your vehicle from afar. With the help of this feature, you can lock/unlock the doors and start/stop the engine from a distance.

Drive Connect

Toyota’s latest navigation system uses cloud technology to update traffic. Navigation and traffic info can be accessed even in low signal. Get directions from a live person anytime. Ask the vehicle’s AI assistant for directions, neighbouring companies, and more.

Service Connect

Receive vehicle health and maintenance reports. Service Link offers Vehicle Health Reports, Maintenance Alerts, and Maintenance Reminders. Get confidence in knowing the current state of your vehicle’s maintenance and performance.

Safety Connect

Stolen Vehicle Finder helps police find your stolen vehicle using GPS. Roadside Assistance and medical situations can be dispatched by Toyota’s 24/7 response centre as well as alert you of airbag deployment and rear-end collisions.



2.0 Litre 4-cylinder w/ Lithium-Ion (Li) Battery


CVT automatic




212 (SE)

220 (XSE, Premium)


139 lb-ft

Towing Capacity


EV Range

Up To 64km (SE)

Up To 53km (XSE, Premium)

Fuel Economy (City-Hwy-Combined)

Not yet announced

Fuel Capacity

40 Litres

Fuel Type



459.9 cm / 181 in


178.2 cm / 70.1 in


142 cm / 55.9 in (SE)

143 cm / 56.3 in (XSE, Premium)

Cargo Capacity

575 cu.ft

Ground Clearance

14.3 cm / 5.6 in (SE)

15.3 cm / 6 in (XSE, Premium)

Number of Seats


Number of Airbags

Not Yet Announced

Manufacturing Country


Last redesign