How to Sell Your Car Privately for More Money

There are a few things you can do to sell your used car for more money selling it or trading it in. When the time comes to sell or trade your automobile, the effort you put into preparing yourself and the vehicle might pay off handsomely.

You may opt to sell your old car for a variety of reasons. This may be because you’re starting a family and need more space, or because you’ve just landed a great new job. For whatever reason, you and the person purchasing your used car should have a positive exchange. Let’s look at how to sell your car privately in this post!

You may sell your car in a variety of ways, including trading it in at a dealership, selling it to a friend or neighbour, or advertising it online. But how to sell your used car for more money? Let’s talk about how we can maximize your car’s sale price.

Fix the minor damages and make it pretty

Is your vehicle suffering from an oil leak? Do you have a crack on your windshield? Fixing such issues is necessary before you take the car in for an assessment or put it up for sale at a dealership.

The car should be taken to a repair shop if the damage is too great to be fixed at home. If the damage to your car is small, though, you may be able to fix it yourself and save a ton of cash, provided you know what you’re doing.

However, it is crucial to correctly recognize the many kinds of minor vehicle damages before you start with your DIY car repair. This will ensure that the suitable repair method is used together with the appropriate equipment. Some of the minor flaws are as follows:

  • Scratches: Scratches are caused by sharp objects or by the collision of two vehicles or surfaces. The majority of scratches are shallow and linear which can be easily fixed by yourself.
  • Cracks: Your windshield, mirrors, grille, and bumpers are vulnerable to fractures from impacts and flying debris. In the event that your home sustains any little damage, such as a crack or chip, you may quickly repair it. The glass may be easily fixed using a kit you can get at any auto parts store or online.
  • Dents: A dent is a significant depression in the metal of your car’s frame or body. Dents and chipped paint go hand in hand after a collision. It’s possible to repair minor dents on your own, but if you don’t have the time or expertise, it’s preferable to call in the experts.
  • Weather damage: Your car’s paint finish might be ruined by harsh weather conditions like snow, sand, salt, or extreme heat. Winter road salt might cause corrosion to form on the car’s undercarriage.

How to sell your car privately if you don’t detail it first!

Due to its low price, detailing is one of the best investments you can make in your vehicle’s resale value. Preparing a car for sale is comparable to cleaning and fixing up a house before putting it up for sale. Aside from the obvious advantages, it can give many others.

The increased cleanliness of your car is one of the main advantages of detailing. If you clean the interior of your vehicle and get rid of any lingering smells, it will be as if you just bought it.

It’s possible to wash, wax, and buff your car on your own, but it’s also possible that you may mess it up. Marks from water or wax might remain if you don’t wash and wax thoroughly.

Winter is the prime time for getting a car detailed. Salt from the roads may eat away at your car’s finish and lead to corrosion and rust spots.

Stay on top of your car’s maintenance

Keeping your car in good condition via regular maintenance will boost its resale value. Potential buyers will be more impressed with your vehicle if it is in top shape and runs smoothly and efficiently. This is because there is less pressure on the engine and other components.

Tire care goes beyond merely keeping your car running smoothly. Bad tires can endanger your life and the lives of those in your car.

Checking the fluid levels, the car’s battery and the tire pressure are just a few of the many vital elements you should inspect on a regular basis. If you want to know more, check out our post on vehicle maintenance.


Check what your car is worth

Any accidents or any smokers in the car?  Is the mileage high or low? Determine whether there are any special features or incidents in its history that might increase or decrease the price.

When deciding how much your car is worth, it’s important to research how much others like it have sold for recently in your neighbourhood. If you’re trying to figure out how much to ask for your car, the average is a good starting point.

To ensure a smooth used car purchase, it’s necessary to set a reasonable price. It’s tempting to just look at similar cars on listing sites and base your asking price on that, but it’s important to remember that asking prices and actual sales prices can be significantly different.

Too high a price and potential buyers will pass, while too low of a price could leave you short on funds for your next car purchase.

You may save time and energy by using an online resource like Kelley Blue Book or Autotrader to determine how much your car is worth before visiting multiple dealerships in person. Also, you may use them to estimate your car’s trade-in value when you go to buy a new vehicle.

How to sell your car privately, are there other ways?

To some extent, you have to balance convenience against cost. That’s why it’s important to remember that you won’t earn as much money if you’re in a rush to sell your car or if you go with the simplest method. But if you prioritize saving money over speed and ease, you can find the greatest deal.

Also, before you sell or trade your car, it’s a good idea to find out how much it’s worth. That’s the only way to tell if a price is fair since most of us aren’t auto specialists.

Best way to sell quickly

Most people find that trading in their vehicle at the time of purchasing a new one is the simplest and quickest way to sell their vehicle. Of course, the trade-off for such ease of use is not without its costs. Your car may be worth more to you than the dealer is willing to give you when you trade it in. This is because the more value the dealer places on your existing vehicle, the less money they will make when they resell it.

Best way to sell for more

The best method to maximize the amount of money you get from the sale of your vehicle is to sell it privately  If you’re selling the car on your own, the average market pricing for your year, make, and model is what you should aim for. That’s the maximum amount you may pay for that car. You should advertise your car on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace or other popular free websites in your area.

There are certain disadvantages, such as the need to list the vehicle for sale and then wait for a bidder. It may take numerous showings before you find someone who is interested and has the means to buy the car.

Best way to sell if your car is not in good shape

You may be tempted to sell your car to a “car for cash” shop when the time comes for you to actually sell it. The issue with these kinds of offers is that they tend to be ridiculously low. At the end of the day, they are making this offer because they want to buy a good car for cheap.

But keep in mind that they might not give you an offer at all if your car is in less-than-ideal condition. And what little money they may offer is likely to be laughable at best.

what paperwork do i need to sell my car privately?

There is documentation associated with any vehicle transaction, even if you plan on selling it privately. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a basic list of documents you’ll need to sell a car.


If you have no outstanding loans or payments on your car, you will have the title in your possession and will need it when selling. The title to your car may not be in your possession if a lien has been placed on it due to outstanding debt. You must coordinate with the buyer’s bank to complete the transaction.

The Bill of Sale

Ensure that the bill of sale includes the buyer and seller’s names, the date of sale, a description of the car (colour, make, model, miles, price, and signatures), and signatures. It will document the date of sale and the transfer of ownership legally, and it will ensure that you are released from obligation and that the buyer is responsible for the car in its current condition, including the odometer reading.

mechanical inspection or service records

When selling a used car, it’s important to save all paperwork of the vehicle’s maintenance and inspections in case the buyer requests to see it. The buyer’s sense of trust in your car will be bolstered as a result.

Transfer of Ownership

These legal documents are for transferring ownership and are not the same as a Bill of Sale, which is also required for the deal. Make sure you and the buyer both complete this form correctly since any mistakes can create delays when transferring ownership and filing taxes.

Remove your license plates

Before turning over the keys to a new driver, it’s important to remove your plates. In many cases, you may get a refund for the time left on your plates by returning them to the motor vehicle agency if you no longer need them for another car and don’t hang them on the walls of your garage as I did.


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