Digital Rear View Mirror & What Does It Do?

In 2019, Toyota introduced its first vehicles with a digital rear-view mirror. It’s a perk you can get on the high-end of a few different Toyota models.

Because of this unique function of the rear-view mirror, you will not lose your ability to see what is happening behind you even if your trunk is completely full of items.

Why Use a digital rear view mirror?

It works like a conventional mirror, but by simply flipping a switch driver receives an increased field of vision and clarity through a digital display. 

The wide-angle high-definition camera is located behind the rear glass, high up below the rear spoiler inside of the vehicle; ensuring that it is well protected from different elements. 

The mounting of the camera is ideal to provide a good vantage point with excellent visibility. The increased field of vision allows the camera to easily capture objects located behind the vehicle.

night time visibility of digital display rearview mirror

The digital rear-view mirror also helps reduce eye fatigue and strain by increasing visibility at night and eliminating glare from taillights.

Since the digital rear-view mirror allows for a wider field of view, you may pile your stuff as high as you wish without worrying about blocking the driver’s line of sight.

When loading up a car with camping gear or sporting equipment, this feature is an excellent accessory to have because it enables the driver to make the most efficient use of the available space in the vehicle without sacrificing safety.

Which Toyota Vehicles Come with This Feature?

The Digital Display Rearview Mirror is starting to become a common feature available on the top trim of a number of Toyota vehicles.

For 2023, these are the vehicles that will come with the Digital Display Rearview Mirror:

RAV4 – Limited Trim

RAV4 Hybrid – XSE Technology & Limited Trim

RAV4 Prime – XSE & XSE Technology Trim

Sienna Hybrid – XSE Technology FWD/AWD & Limited FWD/AWD trim

Venza Hybrid – Limited Trim

Why Use The digital rear-view mirror?

The digital rear-view mirror is a novel feature, yet it has many practical applications. By installing a second camera looking backward, your field of view will be expanded to include the area behind the car even if a window is obstructed.

The images on the mirror’s digital display are captured by a different camera lens from those utilized by the backup cam.

Both the digital rear-view mirror and the backup camera provide a comprehensive picture of the area immediately behind your vehicle, with the backup camera’s lens focusing on the ground directly in front of your car and the rearview mirror’s camera pointing in the direction behind you.

The view through the digital display rearview mirror will also give you better visibility in low-light situations. It will also give you a better view through the back by reducing glare from headlights or other light sources.

Can I Turn Off this feature?

To enable the digital display rearview mirror, you have to flick the flap just underneath the rearview mirror. If you prefer to not use it, you can just leave the flap unflicked and it will remain in the mirror state.

Can I add it to my car?

Unfortunately, if your trim did not come with this feature, Toyota does not offer an option to add it to any other vehicle.


Improve your visibility and sense of security on the road with the help of Toyota’s digital rearview mirror. This is helpful if you frequently transport bulky items, or if you frequently travel with companions that are taller than average.

If you’re looking for this option in a new Toyota vehicle, you should probably consider upgrading to one of the above trim levels.

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