Automatic Cruise Control: What is High-Speed or Full-Speed?

Toyota’s automated cruise control system, also known as Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, helps to reduce driver fatigue and offer greater comfort and security during your journey. It works in the same way as conventional cruise control by allowing you to set a speed at which the car should maintain.

Instead of stopping there, adaptive cruise control uses a radar sensor on the front grille and a camera in the dash window to identify approaching vehicles and maintain a safe distance.

tss-dynamic cruise control distance control

How does it work?

When the sensor detects that the vehicle ahead of yours is moving at a speed greater or lesser than what you’ve programmed, your car will automatically accelerate or decelerate to suit.

So, if you’ve set the speed limit to 90km and there’s no vehicle in front of you or the preceding car exceeds 90km/h, your automobile will automatically break down to the limit.

dynamic radar sonar cruise control dashboard display

You may regulate the distance between your car and the vehicle in front of you by pressing the button on the steering wheel, which offers three distances:

  • Long (50 Meters)
  • Medium (40 Meters)
  • Short (30 Meters)
dynamic radar sonar cruise control enable speed control

There are two variations of Toyota’s automatic cruise control system available on different models: High-Speed Range and Full-Speed Range.

High-Speed Range

Toyota Safety Sense P (TSS-P) is an adaptive cruise control system that, like most Toyota safety technologies, uses GPS and radar to detect traffic ahead of you. This feature is usually found on vehicles with Toyota Safety System P (TSS-P).

The High-Speed Range refers to this function being operational at speeds of around 40 to 180km. When the speed drops below 40km, a visual alert and an audio prompt warn that TSS-P has been disabled.

Full-Speed Range

On select newer Toyota vehicles, the full-speed range automatic cruise control is featured instead. This version provides the same function but for travelling at a wider speed range of zero to 180 km. You are more likely to see these features on vehicles with Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 or 2.5.

The preceding vehicle ahead may abruptly come to a halt, at which time the full-speed range automatic cruise control can utilize the car’s electronic parking brake to bring it to a halt and maintain the brake pressure until the traffic ahead is moving forward.

dynamic radar sonar cruise control speed monitor


So if you’re looking for a new vehicle, then it’s worth considering what features are available. You may want to look into Full-Speed range automatic cruise control, which would allow you the ability to automatically maintain your speed at or below certain limits without having to constantly monitor the car and manually adjust the throttle as needed. This is a great feature that can help keep drivers safe on long road trips!

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