12 Great Things About The New 2023 Toyota Prius Prime

With its futuristic appearance, the 2023 Toyota Prius Prime ushers in a new generation of eco-friendly family vehicles. The complete redesign is a big change from any previous version of the car. It keeps most of the car’s existing parts, but almost every other part has been changed.

One great thing about the new 2023 Toyota Prius Prime is that it comes with a more powerful hybrid powertrain, providing noticeable performance benefits without sacrificing the fuel efficiency seen in earlier generations.

On top of that, the extra performance and cutting-edge features it offers to make an already appealing package that much more so.

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What’s New and What’s Different?

Gains in power are made possible with the 2023 Toyota Prius while maintaining its fuel efficiency. The new Prius features interior and exterior designs that were designed and manufactured in Japan.

There are many great things about the 2023 Toyota Prius Prime, which rides on the updated TNGA-C platform, features a fresh design that succeeds in form and function.

When compared to its predecessor, the TNGA-C platform is more rigid, has a lower centre of gravity, and weighs less. Because of this, the driver may sit lower and farther back in the seat while maintaining a sporty, relaxed posture.

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Standard 19-inch wheels strike a nice balance between the car’s low roofline, smooth body lines, and expanded rear. Because of its sleek design and cutting-edge technology displays, the interior has an ultra-modern look and feel. All in all, the new Prius is a cutting-edge, athletic machine made to excite the senses.

The 2023 Prius shakes things up under the hood as well, with a larger 2.0L engine and redesigned hybrid system that brings over 60% more combined system horsepower, with 196 net hp, up from 121 hp when compared to the previous generation.

The maximum engine torque has increased by roughly 16% from 120 lb-ft to 139 lb-ft across the board for the new generation. Furthermore, the front-wheel-driving electric motor generator sees a 20% boost in torque, going from 120 to 152 lb.-ft.

The Electronically Controlled Brake (ECB) system helps the Prius save gasoline by balancing the stopping power of the hydraulic brakes with the regenerative braking force of the electric motors.

This very effective cooperative control helps to get the most out of the fuel economy by using electric motors to get as much energy as possible from the regenerative braking system.

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12 Great Things About The New 2023 Toyota Prius Prime

Improved Interior Quality

The Prius’s cabin has been upgraded for its latest iteration. The main change is a more conventional cabin layout, with the instruments moved to the sides of the dashboard. It’s finally where it should have been all along—in plain sight of the motorist.

Moreover, the shifter has been moved from the dashboard to the centre console.

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Comfort features such as heated and ventilated front seats, ambient lighting, and a fixed glass roof panel with retractable sun shade come with the XSE and XSE Premium models in addition to the new entertainment system.

The Prius Prime’s cosmetic upgrades make the car more pleasing to the eye. However, the Prius’ latest design severely limits passengers’ ability to see out the back and provides less cargo room than previous iterations. Due to the low-slung design of the back doorways, passengers must crouch as they enter.

Upgraded Toyota Touchscreen Infotainment System

The XSE and XSE Premium include a 12.3-inch touchscreen in the new Prius Prime design, while the SE has an eight-inch touchscreen.

Standard wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility are included in the new Toyota Multimedia system, which also supports the pairing of two Bluetooth phones simultaneously.

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The 12.3″ display of the standard Toyota Multimedia system is a big help. And over-the-air (OTA) updates are only one of many ways that Prius owners will be able to improve their vehicle’s connectivity and convenience.

With a subscription, you can gain access to a variety of useful features such as Intelligent Assistant and Cloud Navigation at any trim level.

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Bringing up the Toyota Assistant is as easy as saying “Hey Toyota,” and once you’re speaking to your car, you may use voice commands to operate a wide variety of features with minimal effort. The Toyota Assistant can be used to control the music, climate control, and other features inside the vehicle.

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In addition, you can use Toyota’s integrated Cloud Navigation. The most up-to-date map, traffic, and routing data are all downloaded directly from the cloud. With just your voice, you may access navigation support and Google’s Points of Interest.

Good Fuel Economy

The Prius already had a stellar reputation for efficiency, and the new model manages to keep its combined average of 4.8 L/100 km even while increasing both its power and its weight.

This new model has a smaller gasoline tank than its predecessor, from 42 L to 40 L, which limits its driving distance. Drivers can still select “B” on the gear selector for enhanced regenerative braking, and the hybrid system is reported to deliver faster regeneration than last year’s model.

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More powerful Engine

The 2023 Prius replaces the existing 1.8L with a larger 2.0L gasoline engine and a more potent hybrid powertrain.

One popular gripe about older Prius models is that they accelerate slowly. The 121 system horsepower produced by the Prius’s fourth generation, which debuted last year, is only one example.

With the new 2023 Prius Prime, it can produce as much as 196 horsepower, making it easier to handle highway merges and climb steep hills.

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That being said, it is no longer painfully slow and is more akin to a moderately speedy vehicle. Comparative testing demonstrates that the new vehicle is noticeably quicker off the line.

However, the company claims a time of 7.2 seconds to reach 100 km/h, a reduction of at least three seconds compared to the previous year’s model.

All Wheel Drive On All Trims

All Canadian Prius models feature all-wheel drive, utilizing a front motor that generates 83 kW (up from 53), and a rear motor that dispenses 30 kW (up from 5.3). The previous generation’s AWD system was limited to speeds up to 70 km/h, but the new car enjoys its all-wheel drive at all speeds.

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This is due to the installation of a second motor behind the vehicle’s axle. However, that powerplant at the back has been upgraded.

The new Prius is capable of delivering increased grip for slippery road conditions and outstanding fuel economy thanks to its standard upgraded Electronic On-Demand AWD system. Extra power is added both when accelerating straight ahead and in response to a loss of front-end traction.

The revised technology employs a motor to power the vehicle’s back wheels, improving stability at low speeds, on wet roads, and in tight turns. With this update, the Prius handles better in bad weather and with better corner-turning ability.

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Responsive Driving Modes

The Toyota Prius Prime can be driven entirely on electric power for up to 53 or 64 kilometres while in full EV mode. There are also Normal and ECO mode are additional types of driving modes.

In Normal mode, the hybrid system maximizes efficiency while maintaining a satisfying level of responsiveness. There is a linear relationship between the amount the accelerator opens and how far you press on the pedal.

In contrast, the ECO setting maximizes the hybrid vehicle’s economy by cutting power in response to mild acceleration.

2022 mirai advanced park select parking

Auto Parking

The brand-new Advanced Park system in Toyota vehicles automatically applies the brakes and directs the vehicle into a predetermined parking spot. It can help with entering and exiting either a parallel or perpendicular parking space.

Better Safety

All Prius models now come standard with Toyota’s updated safety suite, Safety Sense 3.0. Some of the capabilities it offers are lane-keeping assistance, collision warnings, and even pedestrian identification.

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The hybrid’s acceleration and brakes are both refined while using adaptive cruise control, and the lane-keeping assist system does a good job of keeping the vehicle in its lane. When you take your foot off the accelerator, the Prius will begin gently applying the brakes in case traffic comes to a halt up ahead.

It’s More Fun to drive

The Prius Prime has been updated to make the driving experience more engaging and less isolating. It’s especially noticeable in the steering, which is no longer lifeless.

The increased power is welcome, but the new Toyota Prius Prime’s more exciting suspension setup is where it really shines. Despite being stronger than before, the suspension can still absorb bumps in a manner more typical of high-end European vehicles.

There has been a substantial improvement in the responsiveness and accuracy of the steering compared to the prior model. With its broader stance and lower centre of gravity, the Prius is surprisingly stable when driven quickly through turns and has even become enjoyable to pilot.

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The 2023 Prius Prime’s front seats are supportive enough for long drives. While the rear seats do not recline, they are nonetheless comfortable. The Prius’s capability of gliding over bumps on the road is a major selling point.

The Toyota Prius Prime’s steadiness while driving has been improved thanks to the addition of new suspension components and revised structural reinforcements. The steering may be firm, but it provides a sense of precision and allows for smooth straight-line tracking.

Nice styling

Since its radical facelift, the Prius has gone from being one of the most unattractive cars on the road to a whole new level of sophistication. The TNGA-C foundation allows for a lower centre of gravity, making the new edition more stable.

Sharply glaring from the end of the Prius Prime’s low hood are Toyota’s Hammerhead headlights, which mimic the fascia of the recently debuted bZ4X electric crossover.

The taillights and the way they are hidden beneath the bodywork of this vehicle are both inspired by the Toyota Mirai, a hydrogen-powered luxury car.

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The new 2023 Toyota Prius Prime’s distinctive wedge shape is most pronounced in the vehicle’s steeply slanted windscreen, which forms a near-uniform surface with the hood. The hidden door handles are a nice touch.

Compared to the previous generation Prius’s 17-inch wheels, the XSE and XSE Premium’s new 19-inch wheels fit the tire housing nicely.

Better Electric Range

The 2023 Prius Prime now has an increased electric range. Toyota claims that the Prime’s EV range is increased by 50% thanks to the larger lithium-ion battery. On the XSE and XSE Premium, you can travel up to 53 kilometres.

When it comes to electric range, the SE Base model really shines with its extended range of 64 kilometres.

remote connect connecting to start engine

Remote Start Access

Remotely lock/unlock doors, start/stop vehicles, check vehicle status, and set Guest Driver Alerts are just some of the features of Toyota’s app that may keep you linked to your Prius during the standard 3-year trial period of Remote Connect. The Limited trim comes with a digital key system that lets you use your smartphone as a key.

Expect Higher Selling Prices for the 2023 Prius Prime

Toyota is betting big on the new Prius Prime becoming a trendy option for Canadian drivers. The 2023 Prius Prime pricing has not been disclosed. As the Prius enters new, more fashionable territory as an engaging and luxurious machine, its price is projected to rise significantly.

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Despite Toyota’s plans to produce as many Priuses as possible in Japan to fulfill soaring demand for the new model, supply chain issues persist, particularly with electrified vehicles, resulting in increasingly long wait periods.

The 2023 Prius lineup is scheduled to hit Canadian dealerships somewhere in the first half of that year, with the 2023 Toyota Prius Prime PHEV following a few months later.

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