How to Use Remote Engine Start via Honda’s Key Fob?

The Remote Engine Start function on Honda vehicles allows you to have the car preheated and ready to go when you get in. The range of this remote engine starter is approximately 100 feet. If you want to be sure your connection goes through, all you have to do is make sure your car isn’t blocked by any buildings or other obstacles.

How to Use Remote Engine Start?

Press the LOCK button on the remote first, then push and hold the ENGINE button within five seconds to activate the system. 

It could be a few seconds before the engine fires up. When the ignition is turned on, the car signals a turn by flashing its turn signal six times. When started remotely, the engine will operate for 10 minutes before shutting down. You can prolong the running time for another 10 minutes by repeating the start method (Pressing LOCK then holding the ENGINE button) during the initial period.

By pressing the ENGINE button again, you can remotely turn the engine off, at which point the lights will blink once.

The car’s air conditioner will try to maintain a cabin temperature of 22 degrees (72 degrees in Fahrenheit). When temperatures outside are high, it switches to a recirculation mode for the air conditioning. It’s standard procedure to turn on the heater and defroster it if the temperature drops below freezing.

Be aware that the heated seat’s indicator light won’t turn on even though the front seat warmers and cars will start up in high mode to eliminate the chill.

With the smart entry remote in your possession, you can go up to the car as usual and get in. Both the brake pedal and the engine start stop button must be depressed before you can move off.

Make sure the car is parked in a well-ventilated area outdoors to avoid potentially fatal carbon monoxide accumulation; if you leave a spare remote in the car, you can still lock it with the other remote, but you won’t be able to use the remote engine start function.

What is the farthest the Remote Starter Will Work?

The ability to remotely start a car may appear antiquated in light of the advanced features available in today’s Honda models. How far can you be from a Honda to use the remote starter? It’s a regular inquiry for people who drive Hondas.

Honda has announced that this functionality will be available on a number of their next models. In general, the Honda Remote Start system has a range of roughly 400 feet. If the car is parked in an open area, however, that distance can increase to 600–1,500 feet.

Keep in mind that the remote’s signal range for starting the engine is longer than the range for several other remote tasks, such as opening the trunk or unlocking the doors.

If you find that you need to be significantly closer than any of those distances for Remote Start to operate, then there may be other issues at play.

Why won’t the remote start on my Honda vehicle work via the keyfob?

Once you’ve confirmed the key fob’s battery is good to go, there are still a few potential causes for the Honda Remote Start system to fail.

Most likely, the signal is being blocked by something, such as a building or another car. It’s also possible that a cell tower is interfering with the remote’s radio frequency.

As a matter of fact, the phone you have in your pocket may be interfering with Remote Start. If you have tried everything and it still isn’t working, visit your local Honda repair centre for assistance.

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