What is Full-Speed Radar Cruise Control?

Full-speed Toyota radar cruise control can help reduce your workload on the Highway by helping to manage the distance in front of you. The system can also be turned off and placed in constant speed cruise control mode which functions like a traditional cruise control and will hold the speed you set. It is part of a suite of safety features included in Toyota Safety Sense.

In vehicle-to-vehicle distance control mode, the vehicle will accelerate, slow down, or even stop, if necessary, to maintain a preset distance from the vehicle in front without requiring the driver to operate the accelerator or brake pedal. 

The radar sensor can detect vehicles up to 120m ahead and maintains a set distance from the vehicle ahead. When a vehicle ahead is travelling slower than your set speed, the system will automatically decelerate your vehicle using the brakes if necessary. If there are no vehicles ahead, the car will gradually accelerate and maintain the set speed. if the vehicle ahead slows down and comes to a stop, your vehicle will stop as well. When the vehicle ahead gets going, push the cruise control lever up or press the accelerator pedal to resume cruise control. 

Note that if the system cannot detect the vehicle ahead, Toyota radar cruise control may not re-engage. Accelerating manually will be necessary if the vehicle ahead is too close. 

For example, if another vehicle cuts into your lane or the vehicle ahead stops suddenly, your vehicle may not be able to decelerate in time; if this happens, you will hear a buzzer and the cruise control display will flash. Use the brakes to reduce your speed and stop safely as required. Always turn the cruise control system off when you’re not using it. 

How To Use:

cruise control buttons on steering wheel

Use the accelerator pedal to reach our desired speed then push the cruise control to enable the feature. Push the Plus (+) or Minus (-) button to predefine a desired speed to maintain at. The set indicator will illuminate and your Toyota will maintain that speed. 

At any time, use the Plus or Minus button to modify the desired speed and the vehicle will adjust to the speed accordingly.


tss-dynamic cruise control distance control

To enable auto vehicle-to-vehicle speed control, push the distance selector button. There are three distant settings for vehicles ahead. This system is automatically set to ‘Long’ each time the dynamic radar cruise control system is turned on to adjust between the distance settings, press the distance selector and you will rotate through the 3 available distance settings: Long, Medium, and Short in the multi-information display.  

indication of when a car is ahead

An indicator will appear in the display to show when a vehicle ahead has been detected. To cancel the cruise control, push the cruise control button again or depress the brake. 

When a vehicle in front of you slows down and stops causing your car to also stop, the cruise control is still active and you can push the Plus button to resume the previously set speed. 

Weather, dirt, and debris accumulated on the radar sensor may affect its ability to detect vehicles and the system may be temporarily disabled if the system is inoperable. You will receive a warning and a message will be displayed in the multi information display if that is the case. 

When Not To Use This Feature

There are several situations where cruise control should not be used these include: 

  • roads with pedestrians or cyclists in heavy traffic on winding or slippery
  • driving on roads with sharp bends or steep downhills
  • when towing a trailer or entering a highway
  • when in conditions that require you to accelerate or slow down excessively
  • when driving in bad weather such as snow or heavy rain which could affect sensor operation when driving behind motorcycles trailers with no loads or vehicles with very high ground clearance
  • when driving on narrow curvy lanes where your vehicle is not facing straight ahead in the lane
  • when the preceding vehicle is likely to slow down quickly. 

Full-speed Toyota radar cruise control is only intended to help the driver managed distance from a preceding vehicle. It does not assist the driver in low visibility situations and is not intended to allow for careless or distracted driving. 

The system is not capable of making any judgment other than driving distance, so do not count on it to prevent or avoid collisions. Be aware of your surroundings remain alert at all times and when required take immediate and direct control of the vehicle to avoid any unsafe conditions.

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