Digital Display Rearview Mirror: What Does It Do?

what is toyota's digital display rearview mirror

Digital Display Rearview Mirror: What Does It Do?

The digital display rearview mirror is a feature that was first available in 2019 Toyota models. It is a feature available on the top trim of a number of Toyota vehicles. The digital display rearview mirror gives you an additional option to see through the back of your vehicle, keeping your drive safe even if your cargo space is packed up to the max.

Digital display rearview mirror in action

Why Use a Digital Display Rearview Mirror?

It works like a conventional mirror, but by simply flipping a switch driver receives an increased field of vision and clarity through a digital display. 

digital display rearview mirror vs conventional rearview mirror

The wide-angle high-definition camera is located behind the rear glass, high up below the rear spoiler inside of the vehicle; ensuring that it is well protected from different elements. 

The mounting of the camera is ideal to provide a good vantage point with excellent visibility. The increased field of vision allows the camera to easily capture objects located behind the vehicle.

night time visibility of digital display rearview mirror

The digital display rearview mirror also provides more night-time clarity and eliminates the glare from headlights in the rear, helping to reduce eye strain and fatigue. 

The additional vision provided by the digital display rearview mirror means you can stack items in the cargo area as high as you would like without needing to worry about obstructing the driver’s field of vision in their rearview mirror. This helps to make full use of the vehicle’s cargo capacity when loading up with camping gear or sports equipment.

Which Toyota Vehicles Come with This Feature?

The Digital Display Rearview Mirror is starting to become a common feature available on the top trim of a number of Toyota vehicles. For 2022, these are the vehicles that will come with the Digital Display Rearview Mirror:

RAV4 – Limited Trim

RAV4 Hybrid – XSE Technology & Limited Trim

RAV4 Prime – XSE & XSE Technology Trim

Highlander – Platinum Trim

Highlander Hybrid – Platinum Trim

Sienna Hybrid – XSE Technology FWD/AWD & Limited FWD/AWD trim

Venza Hybrid – Limited Trim

Why Use The Digital Display Rearview Mirror?

Although the digital display rearview mirror is quite a new addition, it does come in pretty handy in a number of common situations. It works by adding an additional back-facing camera, so when your back window is obscured, the camera view fills in so you continue to have visibility to the back of your vehicle.

The camera lens used for the Digital Display Rearview Mirror is a separate one from the camera used for the backup camera. The lens for the backup camera points more towards the ground area close to your vehicle, whereas the camera for the digital display rearview mirror points in the general direction behind you, giving you a full view behind your vehicle both close up and far away

The view through the digital display rearview mirror will also give you better visibility in low-light situations. It will also give you a better view through the back by reducing glare from headlights or other light sources.

Can I Turn Off Digital Display Rearview Mirror?

To enable the digital display rearview mirror, you have to flick the flap just underneath the rearview mirror. If you prefer to not use it, you can just leave the flap unflicked and it will remain in the mirror state.

Can I add it to my car?

Unfortunately, if your trim did not come with this feature, Toyota does not offer an option to add to any other vehicles.


The digital display rearview mirror is a great feature to have to enhance safety and visibility while driving for your Toyota vehicle. This will come in handy particularly if you often carry a lot of things in your cargo space, or if you tend to have bigger or taller friends taking up your passenger space. You might want to consider one of the trims listed above if you want to have this feature in your next Toyota vehicle!