2023 Toyota Corolla Hybrid SE AWD in Black: Photo Gallery

Starting in 2023, the Corolla Hybrid will be available with AWD! This SE AWD model comes in a sleek black finish. You can’t help but turn heads as you pull up to a stoplight in your new sports ride’s sleek form.

The 1.8-litre four-cylinder with Hybrid Synergy Drive and all-wheel drive give the Corolla Hybrid 134 horsepower. Driving in the city uses 5.0 L/100km, whereas interstate travel uses 5.7 L/100km.

2023 corolla hybrid se AWD rear spoiler

This package includes a Heritage ‘TOYOTA’ Grille, 40th Anniversary Badging, and Bronze ‘4Runner’ Badging. The leather seats have Bronze Stitching all around and a 40th Anniversary logo on the headrest. Another noticeable difference in this model is the addition of Bronze TRD Alloy Wheels.

2023 corolla hybrid se AWD grey alloy wheels

These dark grey 18″ wheels are also a first for the Corolla Hybrid.

2023 corolla hybrid se AWD fabric seats sunroof

Red stitching is used all over the cloth seats that are found inside the hybrid version of the Toyota Corolla. Additionally, this is the first time that the Hybrid model has been offered a power sunroof.

Interested in this vehicle? Explore the photo collection below to see more shots of the inside and outside.

2023 corolla hybrid se AWD front fabric seats
2023 corolla hybrid updated touchscreen

The improved 8-inch touchscreen display with a higher resolution for the backup camera and a sleeker user interface is a major selling point. Accessing Google Maps, Spotify, and other apps is more convenient than ever thanks to the new system’s support for wireless Apple CarPlay and wireless Andriod Auto.

2023 corolla hybrid dashboard display

Corolla Hybrids now come standard with a 7-inch digital speedometer, expanding the colour display within the dashboard for easier access to the vehicle’s driving condition and safety settings.

Photo Gallery

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