What is Toyota Advanced Park and How to Use It?

Advanced Park is meant to facilitate hands-free parking whether parallel parking or reversing into a parking space. Advanced Park utilizes data from the four Bird’s-Eye View cameras and sonar parking sensors to measure parking spaces and detect nearby objects. Currently, you can find this feature on selected models of the Toyota Mirai and a less advanced version of this feature on the Toyota Prius.

When can Advanced Park be used?

The Advanced Park feature is quite advanced and can be used to assist with parallel parking, angle parking, or perpendicular parking.

2022 mirai advanced park button

How Advanced Park Works

When Advanced Park is enabled, the multimedia display will provide guidance displays and a panoramic perspective of moves. As the vehicle drives by a row of parked automobiles, the system’s sensors check for an open place.

To use it, you just need to stop before the intended parking space’s centre. When the Advanced Park button is pressed, a target box is displayed in the multimedia display when the system determines that the parking space is safe for this feature.

2022 mirai advanced park select parking

The parking spaces will be selectable on the screen. Select the space that you want to park in and press START on the display. Once you lift your foot off the brake, Advanced Park begins to operate. The car will begin to select the reverse gear and operate the steering, accelerator, and brakes – with no action or input by you (the driver) other than supervision – until the vehicle is positioned in the parking space and comes to a stop.

Use Advanced Park to Leave a Parking Space

To leave a parking place, you must depress the brake pedal, push the Advanced Park switch, pick the desired exit direction, and press START. Advanced Park will work autonomously, moving the car past obstacles as needed… until it is in a safe position to depart the parking place.

The assistance concludes when “Advanced Park Complete” is shown on the screen. You will then resumes control by taking back the control of the steering wheel, depressing the brake to inspect the blind area, and pressing the accelerator to move forward.

Even at night, the perpendicular parking function of Advanced Park may be employed if the target parking spot can be recognized when the car stops near and perpendicular to the space’s centre.

Program Your Own Parking Preference

Advanced Park has a memory function that may be used to park in a previously recorded place, even if there are no designated parking spaces or other vehicles in the vicinity.

To park in a space previously logged in Advanced Park’s memory, first position your car adjacent to the desired parking slot. Then click the Advanced Park switch, pick the recorded parking location, and then hit the START button. Advanced Park will analyze the local surroundings for the space in its memory and begins to park your vehicle automatically if a match is discovered.

2022 mirai advanced park add parking button

When there is no recorded memory for where you want to park, you can add one manually by pressing Add Parking button.

2022 mirai advanced park select parking type

Then select the kind of parking to be performed, and defining the location of the parking space to be recorded.

2022 mirai advanced park customize parking

The parking spot’s position can be modified with the on-screen control before you register the parking into Advanced Park memory.

The purpose of Advanced Park is to facilitate simpler and more effective parking by providing hands-free parking assistance wherever it is practicable. What are your thoughts on the Advanced Park feature? If this feature were available in your car, do you think you’d make regular use of it? Leave a comment below!

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