Where is the Sienna Hybrid Spare Tire and Why Can’t I Find It?

The Sienna Hybrid has a lot of great features that are sure to please, but some say that there is one thing missing. Where is the Sienna hybrid spare tire? Does it have one at all?

There are many reasons why you may prefer to have a spare tire, such as if you live in remote areas or use your Sienna as a work car. However, it seems that Sienna owners are split on the issue.

Some say they wish Sienna would have included a spare tire kit so they can use their Sienna as intended and others don’t see why the hybrid needs to keep its weight low by including one.

2021 Sienna Hybrid LE (Celestial Silver Graphite Interior) alloy wheel

Why should you care about having a spare tire?

Having a spare can be useful in many instances:

  • While driving on the Sienna Hybrid, you notice that your tire is low or flat and needs to be replaced immediately.
  • You find yourself stranded by the side of the road because none of your tires have any air left in them and it’s raining outside (or worse).
  • A small puncture in your Sienna’s tire goes unnoticed until it’s too late to do anything about it, making the Sienna Hybrid unable to be driven at all. In these cases, having a spare is important.
  • A spare tire is required if you take a lot of road trips, frequently travel in areas with long distances between service stations, or drive on rough roads. You may be too far from a garage or shop to get your car fixed.
2021 sienna hybrid le spare tire location

Where is the spare tire on the Sienna Hybrid?

The Sienna Hybrid only has a spare tire on its lowest trim, the LE. This is located in a hidden compartment next to the tailgate door on the driver’s side of the vehicle. Just crack open the covering and you will see a spare tire inside.

2021 sienna hybrid le spare tire location

What if my Sienna Hybrid didn’t come with a spare tire?

If you have a 2022 Sienna Hybrid that is not a LE trim, your car won’t have a spare tire. Instead, it comes with a tire repair kit. This is located in the same spot, the driver-side wall of the tailgate area.

It’s easy to use the tire repair kit, we have a post written if you want to learn more about it.

2021 sienna hybrid xse tailgate storage 2

It can be used for a variety of applications, including repairing punctures in tires that go all throughout the rubber (not just on one side) and keeping them inflated longer when aired down at low-pressure levels during the winter months where temperatures may drop below freezing point from time to time depending on where we live).

2021 sienna hybrid tire repair kit

Why don’t all cars have a spare tire?

In the past, almost every vehicle had a full-size spare tire. However, with gasoline-powered engines becoming more efficient, automobile makers began to move away from permanent spares in order to minimize fuel efficiency concerns and luggage capacity limitations.

This is why spare tires are no longer included in a number of new vehicles. Run-flat tires or a tire repair kit may be used instead.


We hope that you never need to use your Sienna Hybrid spare tire, but if the time arises and it’s there for you when you need it. For non-LE trims, they will include a tire repair kit. You may drive worry-free no matter what thanks to all of your bases being covered!

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