Here’s why it’s important to keep your SUV’s service records

Keeping tabs on your SUV’s service record is essential to maintaining its health and performance. It’s easy to let regular car maintenance slip your mind in today’s hectic world. However, failure to maintain SUV service records can have dire results. Without a full record of maintenance, mechanics will have a harder time determining what went wrong and how to fix it.

To ensure your SUV is receiving proper care and to identify potential issues before they become major, it is vital to keep detailed records of all services performed. Also, your SUV’s resale value may increase if you keep meticulous service records for prospective buyers to peruse. 

Proof of service record history increases resale value 

Preserving the SUV’s service records and history can be helpful if you decide to sell the vehicle. I’ll give you a few examples of why: 

  • It demonstrates that you have taken good care of your SUV and carried out all necessary maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Potential buyers will have more faith in and appreciation for the vehicle, and they may even be willing to pay a higher price. 
  • If your car is still under warranty, you’ll have proof that you serviced it regularly and changed the oil when instructed to.
  • It’s proof that you’ve fixed your SUV and of any upgrades or customizations you’ve made. You can use this to back up your asking price and shield yourself from potential buyer complaints about the vehicle’s condition. 
  • The mileage and condition disclosed in your car’s service records may impact its resale value. If you have recently upgraded the vehicle by, say, replacing the tires, brakes, battery, or other components, you can use this to your advantage when selling it. 
  • The risk of being sued for selling a dangerous or defective vehicle is greatly reduced, and it simplifies the SUV sale and registration process. If you don’t have the necessary documentation or information on hand, you can avoid potential complications. 

It’s good for both your SUV and your wallet if you keep track of its service records and maintenance invoices. If you want to get the most money when selling your car in Canada, this is a great way to do it. So don’t toss those documents; instead, file them away safely for when it comes time to sell your SUV.

What other vehicle information should you keep a record of? 

If you want to get the most money out of your car sale, it’s a good idea to hang on to more than just your service records. For example: 

Car registration papers: A piece of paper that certifies your right to drive a specific vehicle. It has a lot of details about who has a legitimate claim to the vehicle. 

Proof of insurance: In order to legally operate a motor vehicle in any of Canada’s provinces, you must first obtain auto insurance. Insurance in British Columbia must be purchased from ICBC.

Maintenance records and receipts: Your SUV’s lifespan and resale value can be improved through regular maintenance. Keep a compact folder in which you document all car servicing. New tires, oil changes, new air filters, and other maintenance expenses can all be documented. 

Vehicle history report: When selling a used car, you can consider purchasing and make available to buyers a copy of your vehicle’s CARFAX vehicle history report. It’s a good-faith gesture that shows you’re not trying to hide the car’s past and will save the buyer money. It cost $65 to get this report but you can always add the cost back into the selling price of your SUV.

Don’t forget that in the event of a major breakdown, your car service records will come in handy. If your car is still under warranty, you’ll have proof that you maintained it according to the manufacturer’s guidelines by changing the oil and performing other maintenance as needed. 


Saving your vehicle’s service records is a smart move that will help you get more money when the time comes to sell. In addition to facilitating a quicker and smoother sale, it can also help you gain the trust and credibility of potential customers.

Do you maintain a log of your past service? Leave your comments with your ideas and suggestions. 

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