Everything To Know About The Toyota bZ4X

The bZ4X is Toyota’s first foray into the Canadian market for battery electric vehicles. It has 4 trims to choose from: Front-wheel drive (FWD) is standard on the L and LE trim levels of the Toyota bZ4X; The XLE and XLE Technology trim levels offer All-Wheel Drive (AWD).

The Toyota bZ4X is the first Toyota to feature innovations like X-MODE, made possible by the automaker’s new e-TNGA platform. Toyota’s cutting-edge safety package, complete with regenerative braking and boost mode and a foot and leg heater in the front.

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Some of what makes the Toyota bZ4X unique are the following:

The First Toyota Battery Electric Vehicle

Toyota’s first battery electric vehicle, the bZ4X uses the company’s new e-TNGA platform and design to compete in the Canadian market. The improved handling and rock-steady road feel are made possible by the new platform.

Exclusive Radiant Foot and Leg Heater

The Canadian winter is notoriously cold, so a brand new convenience feature is introduced to effectively warm the feet and legs of the front passenger.

Regenerative Braking with Boost Mode

Regenerative braking works to slow the vehicle down when the accelerator is not being pressed.

Improved and Redesigned Toyota Multimedia System

With the new Toyota Multimedia system, you can access multimedia features, see where you’re going with clear turn-by-turn directions, and connect your smartphone to use music and navigation apps, among other things, all with the touch of a finger.

Excellent Fuel Economy

Front-wheel drive models have an impressively low fuel consumption rate of 1.8/2.2/2.0 Le/100km.

X-Mode For Better Driving Performance

Grip Control, Snow/Dirt Mode, Deep Snow/Mud Mode, and Downhill Assist Control are just a few of the ways X-MODE improves performance in adverse conditions at the touch of a button.

The Latest Toyota Safety Sense 3.0

bZ4X is the first vehicle to introduce the all-new Toyota Safety Sense 3.0 features that further enhance standard safety features across all grades of bZ4X.

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RAV4 Hybrid Limited

RAV4 vs bZ4X, Which is Bigger?

The bZ4X is often compared in size to Toyota’s best-selling vehicle, the RAV4. Compared to a vehicle like the RAV4, the bZ4X is longer, wider, and has a longer wheelbase, but it’s lower and has a shorter overhang in the back.

bZ4X MeasurementbZ4X vs RAV4
Length469 cmbZ4X is 9.5cm longer
Height160 cmbZ4X is 6cm shorter
Width186 cmbZ4X is 2cm wider
Wheelbase285 cmbZ4X is 16cm longer
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Body Design

The brand-new Toyota bZ4X is cutting-edge in appearance and performance. Its unique design makes it stand out in the city, while also being well-suited for the great outdoors.

Thin bumper and hood to headlights design elements are highlighted in the front end. The combination of taillights, trunk lid, and bumper all feature a trapezoidal design that gives the vehicle an authoritative air.

The black base trim’s side bumpers and radiator grille moulding contrast with the silver high-end trim. The tires are pushed out to the corners, highlighting the side’s slim proportions and long wheelbase.

Designed for the best aerodynamics

The roof slopes at just the right angle to the back window so that the upper and lower air streams can meet and make the car more aerodynamic. The air curtain reduces wind resistance, allowing for more consistent airflow. Aerodynamic performance is enhanced by the installation of a ducktail spoiler, taped side body surface, and diffuser.

The airflow from the roof can be modified by flattening the centre of the ducktail spoiler. There is no longer a need for an upper opening in the grille, as the lower grille can direct airflow directly into the radiator. By routing airflow away from the engine, the wind induction ducts keep the grille shutter from overheating.

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Wheel Style

The Toyota bZ4X comes standard with 18-inch aluminum alloy wheels with full resin covers. The 18-inch tires’ lower rolling resistance increases both the cruising range and the comfort of the ride.

The XLE Technology package features grey accents and 20″ multi-spoke machine-finished alloy wheels. The performance, responsiveness, and firmness are all improved with the 20-inch tires.

Different body colours call for different wheel well treatments; most vehicles come standard with plastic wheel wells, while two-tone hues are paired with grey-painted plastic wheel wells.

If carrying a spare tire is something you look forward to, you will be sorely let down. The bZ4X eliminates the need for a spare tire by including a tire repair kit as standard equipment. However, every model comes equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system that displays the pressure directly and sends alerts for each tire separately.

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Trunk space of the Toyota bZ4X

Power Liftgate

When compared to previous models, the power liftgate now responds faster to the push of a button, and it makes much less noise when opening and closing.

The power liftgate is only available on the LE trim and higher, so the L base model won’t cut it if you want one. For a completely hands-free ride, the premium XLE Technology Package includes a kick sensor.

Exterior Lights

Completely LED headlights are standard across the board. This Toyota model has the narrowest headlights ever seen on a Toyota vehicle. To conserve energy, the taillights on new Toyota vehicles are arranged in a single horizontal line across the trunk. All models feature all-LED taillights.

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bZ4X Interior

Interior Design

The BEV dedicated platform allows for a roomy and luxurious cabin in the bZ4X. There is plenty of room for your legs up front and back, and the interior is sleek and modern with a focus on the driver, with controls conveniently located in and around the centre console.

On front-wheel drive models, black cloth material with high-quality interior space expressed through varying textures is standard, whereas the XLE AWD’s interior is a combination of black fabric and SofTex leather. You can also opt for the XLE Technology Package, which includes perforated SofTex seats in black or light grey. The interior lights have all been converted to LEDs.

Although the front passenger seat can be adjusted in height manually, power-adjustable front seats are not a standard feature. The rearview mirror has a wider and taller design than standard mirrors but a thinner frame. XLE offers the Homelink garage door opener integrated into its automatic dimming rearview mirror.

However, only the XLE Technology package includes a backup camera with dynamic gridlines on the display; the rest of the models only include a backup camera with a fixed line on-screen indication.

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Infotainment and Subscription-based services

The bZ4X includes subscription services like Remote Connect and Drive Connect for cloud-based mapping in addition to its standard 6-speaker audio system and 8-inch audio multimedia display.

A 12.3-inch HD infotainment touchscreen and a free three-year subscription to Remote Connect are included in the LE trim level. Digital Key access to your vehicle via the Toyota app, a 9-speaker JBL audio system, and a 3-year trial to Drive Connect, a cloud-based navigation system, are just some of the upgrades that come standard on the XLE Technology.

Storage space Inside the bZ4X

The bZ4X is roomy and has plenty of cubbies for both the driver and passengers. Keep in mind that bZ4X does not feature a glove box, but rather relies on the front console for all of its storage needs. This is so that you can make use of the available front-seat radiant foot-and-leg heater.

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There is enough room for a laptop or a plastic bottle of 500 or 1000 ml in the door compartments. Assist grips for the back seats include coat hooks.

There is enough storage space in the back, and the floorboard can be flipped to make more room for taller or shorter items. The trunk capacities of the L, LE, and XLE is 784 litres, while the XLE Technology loses 44 litres due to the addition of a subwoofer.

Longer items can be loaded with the deck board in its upper position, while taller bags can be loaded with it lowered. The space below the floor can be reached by folding the deck boards and standing them on end with the front faces up.

Above the XLE AWD trim level, you can get a tonneau cover for the trunk. When the deck board is in its uppermost position, the tonneau cover can be stowed away under the floor. There are deck hooks in the bZ4X hold that can be utilized for stowing a bag or securing a cargo net.

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What are the top interior features?

Unique Dashboard Display

The standard 7-inch dashboard display is now visible from above the steering wheel, rather than through the steering wheel, which has been the case in all previous Toyota models. One’s vantage point differs depending on where one sits.

Radiant Foot and Leg Heater

Instead of waiting 10 to 15 minutes for the cabin heater to heat up the vehicle during the frigid Canadian winter, you can get inside in a matter of minutes. There is no airflow or noise production. If something is placed on the heater’s heating element, it will immediately shut off.

This new innovation is exclusive to the Toyota bZ4X and is available on the LE and higher trim levels. 

2023 Toyota bZ4X XLE Tech in Heavy Metal 25

Dial Type Shift Knob

The bZ4X will be the first Toyota vehicle to feature a dial-style shift knob. With a single button press, you can put it in park. The digital gauge cluster and the shift position indicator both show the current position of the shift knob.

Smaller Steering Wheel

A circular wheel with a smaller diameter is used as the steering mechanism. The heated steering wheel on vehicles with this feature will now warm the entire rim. In frigid temperatures, it will activate by itself and continue working.

Air Conditioning

The bZ4X has a state-of-the-art HVAC system. The new design is compact and energy-efficient thanks to its use of a heat pump. The interior of the vehicle is heated by absorbing heat from the ambient air. The radiator is defrosted in the winter using the exhaust heat.

When the ECO button is activated, the air conditioning system directs cooled air where it’s needed most, creating a cocoon of refreshing air around the passenger. You can do this by modifying the air conditioning, heating, and ventilation settings. When disabled, the cabin will be cooled by the air conditioner.

The bZ4X’s defroster, which calls for low-humidity air in the upper layer of the vehicle and aids in fog prevention, uses fresh air from the recirculated system. The cabin and the feet are heated with recirculated air, which reduces ventilation loss and speeds up the warming process.

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Panoramic fixed-glass roof

Standard on XLE trim and higher, the panoramic moonroof can be equipped with an electric rolling shade to block more light and shield passengers from UV rays. To make room for the stationary glass moonroof, the shark fin antenna is mounted as far back as possible in the trunk.

Faster Wireless Phone Charger

The XLE AWD Technology package now includes a faster wireless charger that can supply 7.5w of power. Fast-charging smartphones, such as those from Apple and Android, can be charged quickly using this method. Compared to standard wireless charging products, Qi quick charge can power your device in half the time.

Ports and Power Outlets

Front consoles of all trim levels feature a USB Type-A media port, two USB Type-C charging ports, and a 12V/120W auxiliary power outlet. The XLE trim level adds two additional USB Type-C charging ports for the rear seats.

What are the available Drive modes?

The Toyota bZ4X offers a variety of different driving modes, including Eco, Normal, Regenerative Braking with Boost, and Snow.

Regenerative Braking with Boost Mode

Boost mode and regenerative braking make the bZ4X the first Toyota model to offer more organic acceleration and deceleration.

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When you take your foot off the accelerator, the car will gradually come to a stop thanks to this function. As a result, drivers will need to use the brakes less often, which will keep their feet on the pedals for longer. There is a toggle switch that activates or deactivates this function.


The X-Mode feature is also brand new. Under 10 km/h, bZ4X’s new “X-Mode” provides grip control; under 20 km/h, the mode switches to deep snow/mud. All-wheel drive vehicles come equipped with X-Mode as standard, a feature that combines off-road safety and performance. Here’s a rundown of what each setting does:

Snow/Dirt Mode

When driving on snow or dirt, switch to the snow/dirt mode, which normally reduces slippage and increases stability. It creates a Limited Slip Differential effect by allowing slippage and applying brakes on spinning wheels, which is useful on rough roads.

Deep Snow/Mud Mode

In order to clear snow or mud from the road, the deep snow/mud mode allows the tires to slip on soft surfaces. It creates a Limited Slip Differential effect by applying brakes to the spinning wheel when driving over rough terrain.

Downhill Assist Control

Downhill assist control has no dedicated button; it is activated automatically whenever X-Mode is engaged. When the control is activated, the vehicle’s desired speed is selected; this speed can be adjusted using the gas and brake pedals.

On steep inclines and slippery downhills, it frees your hands from the brake, allowing you to focus solely on steering. Because of the controlled and constant speed of the brake fluid (4-30km/h), your vehicles will be able to safely descend steep slopes without the brakes locking up or the tires skidding.

Grip Control

Grip Control is toggled independently of X-Mode, but X-Mode must be active for Grip Control to work. Grip control has a variable target speed range of 0–10 km/h (2–6 mph). You’ll need to be travelling at speeds of between 2 and 10 km/h with the VSC/TSS function engaged to make use of this feature. Pressing the brake pedal will turn this function off.

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