2023 Toyota Prius Hybrid Limited in Silver: Photo Gallery

The Toyota Prius is about as exciting as doing the dishes, and that’s saying something. Although it has always been economical on gas, the ride has never been particularly exciting. Every aspect of the new, fifth-generation version has been revised. In short, it improves in every way, especially in terms of its appearance.

The total system output is now 194 hp, a significant increase from the 121 hp of the previous model. The rear motor’s ability to provide AWD extension works perfectly at any cruising speed. The new platform is more rigid, so it can support the vehicle’s strut and multilink suspensions well.

For 2023, the Prius Hybrid offers only two trim levels. The Limited is the highest trim level. It has a large 12.3″ touchscreen, Advanced Auto Parking, a Panoramic View Monitor, a Power Back Door, and wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity. This reimagining also includes a plug-in variant.

Photo Gallery

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