Why Buying a Used Toyota in 2023 Might Be a Bad Idea

Advice from a Toyota mechanic on why buying a used car—even a Toyota 4Runner—in 2023 might be a bad idea for car shoppers torn between keeping their old declining Toyota or buying a used one while waiting for the new car market to improve.

Car Market Today Affects How We Shop

With the new and used car market the way it is today, car buyers are seriously affected in how they go about deciding whether to buy an older used model, a newer-used model, or keeping their old one (with added repairs to keep it running) and waiting until the new car market improves.

One of the problems with this is that what is left out there in the used car market is not very promising when it comes to the quality of what is available today according to a recent episode of the Car Care Nut YouTube channel. In other words, the pickings are getting pretty slim in which used car buyers are more likely to wind up with a lemon than a winner.

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Follow along with the host as explains what is going on in the market today and shares his advice over a range of scenarios on how car shoppers should be basing their decisions on what car to buy today or whether they will be better off keeping their old car for now. In particular, the host warns viewers about common mistakes he sees Toyota car owners and shoppers making that need to be avoided.

Common Mistakes When Buying Used Cars or Keeping Your Old One in 2023

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