The Made in Japan Toyota You Might Not Want

Made in Japan

In an earlier article we learned what some automotive experts had to say about the question of who cranks out the better Toyota—the U.S. or Japan? And, how you can tell which country your Toyota was manufactured in.

If you search car forums online, you will find testimonies that buying a Toyota actually manufactured in Japan is generally considered a cut above a U.S.-assembled model. But does this mean that should you blindly follow this advice should you come across a Toyota that is made in Japan? Not always, as there are some exceptions.

In today’s article we are going to learn a little about a “Made in Japan” model most used Toyota car shoppers are not familiar with that can sometimes be found in a used car ad in the U.S.—the Toyota Celsior.

The Toyota Celsior

Referred to as a “Grey Market” import by the host of the Car Care Nut YouTube channel, the Celsior was a Japanese domestic-market version of the Lexus LS 400…with right hand side steering.

Grey market imports are often desirable, but you won’t find them in most American dealerships for a good reason: such imports must comply with a long list of emissions and safety regulations in order to be legal. One typical exception to this is when some used import models are 25 years or older. Go figure.

While some drivers are ambidextrous when it comes to automotive handedness and driving with the steering on the right side is no big deal, according to the Car Care Nut there are other issues that might not make a “Made in Japan” model like the Toyota Celsior so attractive. Especially once a new owner discovers the parts and repair pitfalls of this Toyota model.

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The Celsior Reviewed

Follow along with the host as he does an informative show and tell of a unique Celsior that is both entertaining and informative as he points out why you might not want to buy a used one should you find it at a decent price.

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