Reveal for 2024 Toyota Tacoma is May 19th Trim Levels Teased

Toyota surprised us with two teasers this week for the next generation 2024 Tacoma. Today, we now know the reveal date and configuration possibilities.

2024 Toyota Tacoma Release Date

The big 2024 Tacoma reveal is set for May 19th – just 15 days away. This gives us just a little more than two weeks to wonder and salivate over what this next generation will bring.

We already have been teased with the i-FORCE MAX engine, new Trailhunter trim level, TRD Pro and FOX suspension system, JBL Flex portable speaker system, LED headlights and taillights and light bar, potentially two new colors, six-speed manual transmission, Toyota Audio Multimedia, and a few more surprises too.

2024 Toyota Tacoma Configurations

This morning’s teaser shows four different profile pictures of Toyota Tacoma 2024. The challenge here is to somehow determine exactly what we are looking at. Perhaps you can help in the comments section.

The gray picture looks like a 2024 Tacoma access cab with standard front grille and something resembling a 6-foot bed. Maybe this is a trim level along the lines of SR or SR5.

Red picture highlights a Tacoma double cab configuration with a bed around 5-foot long. The grille looks like it could be the same as in the gray picture.

The overlanding monster Trailhunter trim level is shown in the beige picture. This one has a customizable roof rack, deflector, what looks like an ARB steel bumper, and I am guessing a “TOYOTA” front grille. This also does not have the wind dam under the front end, which may imply it has a skid plate underneath.

The picture with the white background looks to be the 2024 Tacoma TRD Pro. It has a raised hood, which at first made me think Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport, but the lack of a wind dam has me going for the Pro. Front skid plate baby. And I am thinking it also has a “TOYOTA” front grille.

Time for Your 2024 Toyota Tacoma Comments

What juicy details and features can you get from these latest teaser pictures? What did I miss that you caught immediately?

Now what we have a May 19th Toyota Tacoma release date, are you more excited than ever to see the curtain pulled off for the world? Have the teasers done their jobs, or do you wish there would have been no details spilled before the official reveal?

I just cannot wait, and I am pumped. How about you?

Thanks for reading everyone. See you next story.

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