Ford EcoBoost Engine Oil Breakdown Problem

Your Instrument Cluster is Lying to You

Car owners count on their vehicle’s instrument cluster with its assortment of gauges, displays, and indicators that are necessary and essential for the driver to monitor what is currently happening with their vehicle. More than that, however, are features such as reminders when it’s time to change your oil and/or take care of other service and maintenance tasks to ensure your engine is well maintained to last as long as possible. Right? Weeeeell…not necessarily.

In previous articles we’ve learned why you cannot trust your car’s maintenance recommendations as one of the automotive industry’s darkest worst-kept secrets and the conundrum it poses for car owners and their mechanics.
In short, why many cars don’t last their owner-expected lifetimes, even…make that, “especially” …when the owner dutifully follows their car’s maintenance recommendations when it comes to changing their vehicle’s fluids e.g., motor oil, transmission fluid, and coolant.

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EcoBoost Turbo Problem

According to a recent Ford Tech Makuloco YouTube channel episode, Ford EcoBoost engines with turbo systems are facing a clogging problem due to advanced oil breakdown resulting from the high temperatures the motor oil is subjected to.

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But it’s not just that! Watch the video posted below and discover why turbo related repairs are just inviting another blown turbo in your near future all because the mechanics may not bother to clean the clogged oil feed filters going to the turbo unit.

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This is Why You Never Run Extended Oil Change Intervals on The Ford Ecoboost Engines!

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