Best Year of Toyota 4Runner Recommended by This Toyota Mechanic

Which year of the Toyota 4Runner rates as the best of its model? Here’s what one Toyota expert has to say about his recommendation and why he rates it above the rest.

Used Toyota Recommendation

Looking for a used Toyota that has proven itself to be very reliable, classy in style, and can still hold its value at over 271,000 miles? Look no further as a Toyota mechanic provides an overview of why he believes the 1997 4Runner is the head of its class.

4Runner Review Video

Follow along with the host of the Toyota Maintenance YouTube channel for a review of a used 4Runner that despite its age and the number of miles it has on it still looks and runs like new! A nearly unbelievable testimony of what a Toyota owner can achieve with the right vehicle and the right level of maintenance and care every car owner should aspire to.

What Is the Best Year of Toyota 4Runner?

And finally…

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