Best Roadside Jack, Impact Wrench, and Tire Inflator Flat Tire Combo Kit Review

When There’s a Flat that Needs Changing

A flat tire emergency rarely never comes at a good time or an ideal location that is safe to change a tire. Worse yet, is when you discover the jack and lug wrench that came with your car is amongst the cheapest “Made in China” tools you will find for a car when quality is what you really need to do the job safely, quickly, and right.

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I learned that lesson the hard way when the jack that came with my spouse’s KIA that developed a dangerous twist threatening to collapse. The lug wrench likewise was made of some type of soft pot metal with almost no mechanical advantage when it comes to loosening the lug nuts. Common sense kicked in and I stopped and called road service…much to my embarrassment.

Back in the day, vehicle jacks were nearly indestructible, would catch onto the bumper so you did not need to crawl under your vehicle, and came with a hockey stick of a lug wrench that was good for more than loosening recalcitrant lug nuts…of more than one kind.

When I wrote to Kia complaining about the quality of their scissors type jack, they said that their jack has a warranty of one year after date of purchase of car and that I could buy another from them if I wished.

If I was the litigious type (and a little crazy or desperate) I could see a lawsuit in the making here. I’ve tossed both jack and wrench in the trash can and outfitted my spouse’s car with better roadside tools.

There’s a Point to My Rambling

The point I wish to make is that jack-related injuries are too common and are ones that can be easily avoided—provided you are equipped with the right tools.

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That said, follow along with the host of the Project Farm YouTube channel as he reviews several brands of jacks and the tools you need to fix a flat in an emergency that includes a range of tests:

• Height range
• Lifting speed
• Maximum height
• Maximum capacity
• Failure load.

What makes this video exceptionally worth watching is that it includes test on combo kit Impact wrenches and tire inflators that work surprising well and I would recommend, ensuring that you fully prepared the next time your car has a flat.

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