2024 Toyota Tacoma Announces the Return of Manual

A new 2024 Toyota Tacoma teaser was released this morning. And with it comes the return of a popular transmission.

2024 Tacoma Press Release

Along with this cool new picture comes the official press statement. “2024 Toyota Tacoma Coming in Clutch: Legends are more than automatic; they always come in clutch. The all-new 2024 Toyota Tacoma, available with a six-speed manual transmission. Stay tuned for more.”

We have yet another piece in the Toyota Tacoma 2024 puzzle.

Some intriguing clues and teasers have already dropped. The 2024 Tacoma will introduce the Trailhunter overlanding-capable trim, modern LED lights in both the front and back ends, a cool Tundra-and-Sequoia LED light bar, new colors, a new portable JBL Flex speaker system, HYBRID MAX engine option, FOX suspension and a few more interesting details sprinkled here and there.

And now we have manual.

2024 Toyota Tacoma Manual

A six-speed manual transmission is back and flashier than ever. Sporty, billet-inspired, pedals will greet drivers and help stimulate their next adventures.

Currently for the 2023 model year Tacoma offers a six-speed manual transmission in certain TRD Sport, TRD Off-Road, and TRD Pro trim levels.

Tacoma Trailhunter

No word yet on what grades will carry manual for the new generation. I could guess these same three trim levels as well as the new Trailhunter trim.

2024 Tacoma Release Date

We still do not have an official reveal date on Tacoma 2024, but as I said with my last Tacoma story, I feel it will come sooner than later. Not even sure what that means, but with these weekly Taco Tuesday teasers, it feels like the end of the Tacoma tunnel is at least in sight.

Remember, if you are not a fan of these types of fun teaser campaigns, think about it this way. Toyota could have simply chosen to distribute no information or details at all about the new 2024 Tacoma.

Manufacturers will still have their end-game reveal dates. That will not change. But the question is: will they not give out anything to the public, or will they choose to show some intriguing features to help us get by until the big release date?

I like what Toyota is choosing to do. I would rather have something to discuss than nothing at all.

Time for Your Toyota Tacoma Comments

Are you someone who is interested in driving a manual, or is automatic the way to go for you? What are some of your favorite features that have been revealed about Toyota Tacoma, and what specifications are you waiting for most next?

Thanks for reading everyone. See you next story.

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