Video: 2021 Venza Hybrid Limited with Grey Interior (Blizzard Pearl Exterior)

The Venza is re-invented as a Hybrid only vehicle for 2021.  All Venza Hybrid trim levels are powered by a 2.5-litre Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder gas engine and electric motors.

With seating for up to five, the 2021 Toyota Venza comes with great fuel economy and power with an upscale look. The Venza Limited with grey interior comes with a panoramic sunroof with frost control, head-up display, and digital display rearview mirror.

The Venza uses the same platform as the RAV4 but instead of the boxy off-road look, the Venza Hybrid offers a rounder coupe-like curvy body with a luxury interior. With a two-row seating insider, the Venza is a crossover that is great if you are looking for a car with extra space or a small family.

There are several other available trims for this car, such as the LE or XLE. Be sure to get a tour of this car with the video above or check out the many photos in the photo gallery below!

The Venza Hybrid Limited with grey interior has hybrid engines that work along with a 2.5 Litre V4 engine that produces 219 horsepower for a fun and powerful driving experience. This configuration is the same as the RAV4 Hybrid. But the Venza offers an upscale interior and seat cushions with more comfort, and a slimmer-looking body.

Unique to the Venza Hybrid Limited with grey interior comes with uniquely designed LED headlights and a long stoplight that is mounted at the top of the cargo door. It’s a unique design that is sure to attract positive attention from passerby. The Limited is ready for most driving conditions, coming with 19″ alloy wheels with all-season tires.

The Venza Hybrid comes with a number of great interior features, such as heated and ventilated front seats, power driver and passenger seats, front and back parking sensors, and drive seat memory.

2021 venza hybrid limited blizzard pearl frost control panoramic sunroof
Panoramic sunroof for extra light

Unique to the Venza Hybrid Limited with grey interior is the panoramic sunroof. This sunroof cannot be opened for air, but it has frost control that can be enabled to add a coating to the glass to give you privacy while allowing light to get through.  Alternatively, you can cover it up entirely with the power cover if you prefer a darker interior.

The 12.3″ touchscreen display is exclusive on the Venza Hybrid XLE & Limited trim. This screen is slide gesture-enabled, so with a swipe of your finger, you can move some of the menu modules from the left edge to the right or switch between different settings screen.

The screen has Apple CarPlay & Android Auto which can be enabled by connecting an Apple or Android phone to the vehicle using a USB cable.  This will give you the additional option of using Apple Maps or Google Maps, on top of the embedded navigation the Venza Hybrid with grey interior already comes with.

2021 venza hybrid limited blizzard pearl 12.3 inch touchscreen
Slide-gesture enabled touch screen

The Venza Hybrid XLE and the Limited has a very similar list of features. Unlike the lower LE trim which has a smaller touchscreen and different design to the climate control console, the XLE and the Limited comes with an attractive 12.3″ touchscreen and button panels with piano finishing for the climate control area.

The upgrade alone upscales the 2 higher trims to another level!

You may prefer the XLE if you want to save some money, since it already has most of the useful and practical features one would want, such as power drive/passenger seat, SofTex leather interior, kick-sensing power backdoor, and a JBL audio sound system.

Sticking with the XLE will save you around $3,000, however, you will miss out on the cool factors that the Limited offers. the panoramic sunroof with frost control is a very unique feature that you won’t find on most vehicles. And it has a headup display, digital display rearview mirror, and the bird’s-eye-view camera will give you a 360 view of your vehicle.

The Venza Hybrid is essentially the happy medium between a RAV4 Hybrid and the Lexus lineup. It borrows from the upscale look and premium feel of Lexus vehicle while being offered at a lower price.

Having said that, the RAV4 Hybrid is still priced lower than the Venza Hybrid. The base model Venza Hybrid is the same price point as a RAV4 Hybrid XSE, and the Venza mid-trim is priced higher than the top RAV4 Hybrid Limited.

But price alone cannot tell the whole story. The Venza Hybrid does offer a different kind of driving sensation. Its higher-quality interior and enhanced cushioned seats offer the premium feel that the RAV4 Hybrid simply isn’t providing.

If you decide to go with a Venza Hybrid, you will have a unique hybrid vehicle that will turn heads on the road, with people who will be surprised to see that your vehicle is actually a Toyota.

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